Special Immigrant Status (eg Niger Wives)



Special Immigrant Status is being conferred to foreign spouses of Nigerians. Niger wife is a term used to refer to a foreigner ( a woman) married to a Nigerian man. Applicants for Special Immigrant Status/ Niger wife shall submit there applications to the office of The Comptroller General, Nigeria Immigration Service Headquarters, Abuja or to The Comptroller of Immigration Service, at the State Command where the applicant is resident with his/ her Nigerian spouse.

The Fee is Gratis, that means it’s free of charge.

The requirements that must be fulfilled to obtain Special Immigrant Status includes:

  1. Application letter for Residence Permit by the Nigerian spouse accepting Immigration Responsibilities.
  2. Copy of Special Immigrant Status approval letter by the Minister of Interior
  3. Husband’s consent letter requesting for Special Immigrant Status/ letter of consent from the Niger wife stating willingness to stay with husband in Nigeria.
  4. Nigerian passport biodata page of spouse
  5. Copy of passport biodata page of the applicant
  6. Marriage certificate
  7. CERPAC form
  8. Three (3) recent passport photographs