Re-issue (Renewal) of Residence Permit/Card



After the expiration of the CERPAC Card ( green card ) , that is after one (1) year, it must be renewed ( re-issued ). The requirements for the renewal of Residence Permit includes the following:

  1. Application for renewal of Residence Permits by the employer accepting Immigration Responsibilities.
  2. Copy of the valid Quota approval.
  3. Photocopy of passport biodata page of the applicant
  4. Expatriate’s current CERPAC Card ( ie the expired one)
  5. Purchase of CERPAC Form ( Bank Teller)
  6. Two (2) recent passport photographs of the applicant
  7. Valid national passport

Applications for renewal of Residence Permit shall be submitted to the office of: The Comptroller General, Nigeria Immigration Service Headquarters, Abuja or to the office of: The Comptroller of Immigration Service at the State Command where the expatriate is resident.

The Fees are as follows: Naira equivalent of One thousand US Dollars ($1000) per annum for all categories of Expatriates; and Naira equivalent of Four hundred ($400) US Dollars for students and missionaries.

Failure to renew one’s CERPAC Card after expiration will automatically put the expatriate on the wrong side of the law, thereby making him or her  “Illegal Immigrant”. Embarrassment is inevitable for illegal immigrants.