This is a kind of ‘residence’ permit issued to ECOWAS nationals to allow them reside legally in Nigeria. Residence Card grants it’s holder all the Rights and Privileges as contained in the ECOWAS PROTOCOL. For one to qualify to obtain Residence Card from Nigeria Immigration Service, he or she must meet-up with the following requirements:
i. Letter of Identification from Employers (for an employee) stating clearly of their relationship with the applicant and also willingness to accept Immigration Responsibility (I.R) on behalf of the applicant. The same is applicable to students from Ecowas countries studying in Nigeria.
ii. Valid travel documents eg ETC or countries national passport (preferably countries passport).
iii. Two passport photographs
iv. Evidence of business registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission in accordance with C.A.M.A of 1990 (for a business owner)
v. Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) must be satisfied that the applicant entered Nigeria through approved Port of Entry or Border (with evidence(s) of ‘proper’ endorsements/documentation by Nigeria Immigration Service).

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