Nigeria Standard Passport


1. Visit the home page of Nigeria Immigration Service (i.e
2. Locate passport on the menu and click on it
3. Scroll down to passport (sub-menu) and click on ‘apply for epassport’ button
i. Select a passport type “Standard epassport” (that’s the option for everyday Nigerians like you and I) OR “Official epassport” . It is always advisable to select “Standard epassport” option to avoid regrets.
ii. Select the processing country, where you wish to process the passport.
4. Fill the application form, endeavor to select the ‘processing state’ where you will like to go for the physical capturing of your biometrics. Also remember to select the number of passport pages you are applying for (i.e 32 or 64 pages respectively), because their fee varies (refer to “passport fees” section under ‘Application Fees’ menu on the official home page of Immigration website). The number of pages selected on the application form will determine the amount you are going to pay at the BANK.
i. After completing the application form, crosscheck it thoroughly to make sure that the data you supplied are correct before you check the ‘I ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS FORM’.
ii. On the issue of ‘colour of eyes’ and ‘colour of hair’, brown and black respectively is always the default.
iii. Choose your title accordingly but DO NOT attach it to either your SURNAME or OTHER NAMES.
5. Click on “print” button to print the completed form.
6. Click on “submit Application” button to view ‘Applicant details page’
i. Remember to PRINT the completed form before submitting the application.
7. Click on “proceed to online payment”
8. Click to select payment currency “pay in Naira” or “pay in Dollars” option
Ai. If you are applying in Nigeria you MUST pay in Naira
ii. Whereas if you are applying in any other country, you MUST pay in Dollars
iii. If you selected the option to pay in Naira, you will be prompted to select the payment type (payment method): “Bank”, “Credit or Debit Card”. Choose the one convenient for you.
iv. If you intend to pay at the bank (preferable), select “Bank” and click continue (view the list of participating banks and then click on ‘continue’).
v. Click the “Print Acknowledgement” button to print the payment acknowledgement slip that you MUST take to the bank. The Acknowledgement slip contains ‘Transaction ID, ‘Application ID & ‘Reference Number’. With that slip, proceed to a participating bank for payment. (DO NOT CLOSE THIS PAGE ON YOUR COMPUTER BECAUSE THAT’S WHERE YOU’RE GOING TO CONTINUE YOUR APPLICATION PROCESS AFTER A SUCCESSFUL PAYMENT AT THE BANK. JUST ‘REFRESH’ THE PAGE AFTER PAYMENT AND ENSURE THAT “PAYMENT CONFIRMED” IS DISPLAYED BEFORE PRINTING).
vi. On making payment at the bank, you MAY be issued with an ‘approved payment platform provider’ receipt/slip that contains a “Validation Number”.
B. If you intend to pay through Credit/Debit Card, select “Credit/Debit Card” and click continue,
i. Follow the instructions and fill in your details
ii. If the payment was successful, the “Validation Number” is generated. “store/Save” it and use it to confirm your payment (on the Immigration web portal). Note: you can print this receipt/slip that contains the validation number.
USING YOUR VALIDATION NUMBER (Which may no longer be obtainable):
9. After payment (having obtained the “validation number”), go back to the NIS web portal for confirmation of payment.
i. Go to the “Query your application payment status” and enter your passport Application ID and Reference No.
ii. If a “validation number” field appears please enter the number from your ‘approved payment platform provider’ receipt.
Note: validation number has been generated after payment through the bank.
iii. You can now PRINT a receipt or an Acknowledgement Slip by using the ‘print’ button on this page. The e-receipt that will be printed MUST be showing “PAYMENT CONFIRMED” on it.
10. For payment outside of Nigeria and other information concerning online passport application guidelines, visit: or passport fees (under “Application Fees” menu) on
“NOTE: If the ‘validation number’ is not given to you after payment, just go back to the web portal and refresh that page where you printed the acknowledgement slip that you took to Bank for payment. The e-receipt that shows “payment Confirmed” should be displayed if your payment was successful, endeavor to PRINT it.”
11. Please to avoid paying twice, if you can’t make the online payment yourself, visit any NIS State Command nearest to you with the other requirements earlier mentioned for assistance.
Please Note: The PRINTOUTS NEEDED after a successful payment;
I. Your completed data pages must be printed out (it must contain a column for your signature, don’t sign it until you’re asked to sign it at the passport office).
II. Secondly, the acknowledgement slip that you took to Bank for payment.
III. Thirdly, the acknowledgement slip/e-receipt (that MUST display “payment confirmed”) that you printed after returning from Bank and going back to the web portal to complete your application. (Remember to affix a postal stamp on this page).
IV. To print the guarantor’s form, click “Apply Online” menu, scroll to ‘passport’ submenu and select “Guarantor’s Form”. Enter your passport Application ID & Reference Number in the appropriate field and click ‘Submit’. The guarantors form will display, endeavor to print it. Take the COURT page of the guarantor’s form to court for commissioner of oath’s endorsement.
Note: The Guarantor must be an adult that possesses all the requirements needed (refer to 1a under: Types of Passport in Nigeria).

Package all the requirements mentioned earlier (previous publication(s)) together with the printouts (if you made the online payment yourself).
Acquisition of Standard Nigeria Passport is NOT done by proxy, beware of fraudsters (YOU MUST APPEAR BEFORE A PASSPORT OFFICER, IN-PERSON FOR YOUR BIOMETRICS TO BE CAPTURED).
Avoid patronizing ‘Touts’ (under any guise), insist on being taken to the passport office. Don’t deal with people outside the office. Go for people in COMPLETE uniform and make sure you capture the person’s name from his or her ‘name tag’.
It is always advisable to make the PAYMENT and ASSEMBLE other requirements YOURSELF. But if you can’t make the payment yourself, you can seek assistance from officers at the passport office or any SERVING IMMIGRATION OFFICER. Endeavor to go with ALL the requirements.