According to Wikipedia, a passport is a travel document usually issued by a country’s government that certifies the identity and nationality of it’s holder for the purpose of international travel (and other business transactions). Standard passports contain the holders name, place and date of birth, photogragh, signature and other identifying information. The Standard Nigeria Passport (popularly known as International passport or Ecowas passport by many Nigerians) has the biometric information of the holder in a microchip embedded in the document (that is why it is sometimes referred to as electronic passport or e-passport), making them Machine Readable and very difficult to counterfeit.
Types of passports in Nigeria
1. Standard Nigeria Passport (green cover): This is the most commonly used travel document in Nigeria. For one to qualify to acquire Standard Nigeria Passport, the person must be a Nigerian by birth, naturalization and registration. No Nigerian is allowed to hold multiple Standard passports and all Standard passports have a life span of Ten (10) years with an initial validity of five (5) years. Upon expiration, the holder goes back for Re-issue (and no longer renewal).

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Requirements for obtaining a Standard Nigeria Passport:
A. Adults (18 years and above):
– Two (2) passport photographs
– Birth certificate or Affidavit of Age declaration
– Letter of Identification from local government of origin or residence
– Marriage certificate for a married woman

The Applicant must also download guarantor’s form from NIS web portal and the form must be:
– Completed by the guarantor and duly signed and taken to court for commissioner of oath’s endorsement.
– The guarantor must give the applicant photocopies of: (i) Data page of his/her Standard Nigeria Passport and (ii) National Identity Card or Driver’s license ( any two of the three documents mentioned)
– The guarantor must also give the applicant one (1) of his/her passport photograph (signed at the back).
NOTE: birth certificate as mentioned earlier refers to the one being issued by the National Population Commission and NOT Baptismal cards from any church or birth certificate from any Hospital.
– Secondly, if the applicant cannot download the guarantor’s form, he/she should at least endeavor to collect the other requirements from the guarantor
– The guarantor need not appear before the passport officer with the applicant.

B. Minors (0-17 years):
– Three (3) passport photographs
– Birth Certificate (from National Population Commission)
– Letters of consent from BOTH parents (or from a surviving parent, if the other is deceased)
– Marriage certificate (or affidavit of fact, with regards to traditional marriage or Islamic marriage)
– At least one (1) means of identification each from both parents (e.g data page of passports, drivers’ license, national identity card, voters card)
– One (1) passport photograph each from both parents
– Death certificate (For a minor whose parent or parents are deceased). The surviving parent/guardian accompanying the minor must present the death certificate(s) of the deceased parent(s)
– At least one of the parent(s) must accompany the minor to the passport office.

C. Loss Case:
– Police extract (from police station)
– Affidavit of loss (from court)
– Two (2) passport photographs
– Photocopy of data page of the lost passport
– Application for re-issue of lost passport (addressed to: The Comptroller, of the state command where it will be processed)

D. Case of damage:
– The applicant must go to the passport office with the damaged passport
– Two (2) passport photographs
– Application letter for re-issue of damaged passport.
NOTE: It is at discretion of the passport officer of the state command to address the issue or refer the applicant to the service headquarters.

E. Re-issue of expired passport:
– Two (2) passport photographs
– Photocopy of the data page of the expired passport
– Application letter for re-issue of expired passport (addressed to: The passport Schedule Officer; Nigeria Immigration Service; of the state command where one is routing his/her application).

F. Filled-up passport pages (before the expiration of the passport):
– Photocopy of the data page
– Photocopies of ALL the pages (that has endorsements, whether seen on arrival, S.O.A; seen on departure, S.O.D; visas; etc etc)
– Two (2) passport photographs
– Application letter for re-issue of filled-up passport ( addressed to: The passport schedule officer)

G. Change of data (as a result of marriage):
– Two (2) passport photographs
– Photocopy of data page of her Standard Nigeria Passport
– Marriage certificate
– Newspaper publication portraying the change of name
– Application letter (for change of data due to marriage), addressed to: The Passport Schedule Officer of the processing state.
– Photocopy of husband’s Standard Nigeria Passport (data page) or any other means of identification from her husband e.g. driver’s license or national ID card.

H. Change of data (as a result of family or personal change of name): This is at the discretion of the passport officer
– Two (2) passport photographs
– Photocopy of Standard Nigeria Passport (a.k.a International passport)
– Newspaper publication
– ‘WAEC’ or First School Leaving Certificate (or both) and other academic certificates bearing the name
– Application letter for change of data.

NOTE: that in the cases related to 1 E, F, G & H above, the PHYSICAL passport booklet MUST be presented to the passport officer.