Refugee management: Humanitarian Visa


The European Union parliament has proposed to introduce Humanitarian Visas for refugees in the region. The main objective is to improve the well being of irregular migrants.

They approved the proposal in Strasbourg in order to reduce the death toll and improve the management of refugees. The initiative was approved by four hundred and twenty nine members of the parliament against one hundred and ninety four members and forty one abstentions. In November 2018, a similar proposal failed due to technical error during voting and also because they couldn’t get absolute majority of votes cast.

The parliament mandated the European Commission to present a legislative proposal establishing European Humanitarian Visa latest by 31st March 2019. The main purpose is to allow the member state issuing the visa access to submit an application for international protection of refugees. Members of European parliament lamented about their numerous requests for safe and legal migration of asylum-seekers into Europe yet the European Union lacks the legal framework for the protection of those that fall within that category.

The Humanitarian Visas would reduce to the barest minimum the death toll in the Mediterranean and other irregular migration routes. The visa will also combat human trafficking and smuggling. It will enhance the management of asylum claims. Member states have the sole responsibility of issuing humanitarian visas.

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Why We Love Human Smuggling (And You Should, Too)

‘Trafficking in Person’ refers to situations whereby people are coerced, threatened or deceived into exploitative situations, for instance prostitution. Human trafficking also known as Modern Slavery includes forced labour and sex trafficking. Palermo Protocol described compelled service ( forced labour) using a number of terms including: Slavery, or practices similar to Slavery; Debt Bondage and Involuntary Servitude.
On the other hand, Human Smuggling implies that a migrant voluntarily pays to circumvent immigration restrictions, without necessarily being a victim of deception or exploitation. It is often difficult to distinguish between what is voluntary and what is forced except in clear cases of Slavery.
Most atimes, we hear cases where the victims are being asked by friends and relatives to go and acquire Nigerian Standard Passport ( a.k.a International Passport) and also to make available a specified amount of money to aid there trip to the destination. The victims are often promised of a secured job when they get to their destination. Most times, on getting there, they ( the victims) realise that there are no jobs and when they are even provided with jobs, it would be on exploitative arrangements and agreements. Exploitative arrangements in the sense that the victims may be engaged while the proceeds of their labour would go to the Traffickers for an agreed number of years. Meanwhile in such circumstances, the Traffickers would seize the victim’s travel documents on getting to their destination pending when the agreed terms are met.
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