Re-issue (Renewal) of Residence Permit/Card



After the expiration of the CERPAC Card ( green card ) , that is after one (1) year, it must be renewed ( re-issued ). The requirements for the renewal of Residence Permit includes the following:

  1. Application for renewal of Residence Permits by the employer accepting Immigration Responsibilities.
  2. Copy of the valid Quota approval.
  3. Photocopy of passport biodata page of the applicant
  4. Expatriate’s current CERPAC Card ( ie the expired one)
  5. Purchase of CERPAC Form ( Bank Teller)
  6. Two (2) recent passport photographs of the applicant
  7. Valid national passport

Applications for renewal of Residence Permit shall be submitted to the office of: The Comptroller General, Nigeria Immigration Service Headquarters, Abuja or to the office of: The Comptroller of Immigration Service at the State Command where the expatriate is resident.

The Fees are as follows: Naira equivalent of One thousand US Dollars ($1000) per annum for all categories of Expatriates; and Naira equivalent of Four hundred ($400) US Dollars for students and missionaries.

Failure to renew one’s CERPAC Card after expiration will automatically put the expatriate on the wrong side of the law, thereby making him or her  “Illegal Immigrant”. Embarrassment is inevitable for illegal immigrants.




Nigeria visa on arrival is a class of short visit visa issued at the port of entry. It is available to citizens of all countries except Ecowas Nationals and other countries which Nigeria has entered into visa abolition agreements. The Visa on Arrival facility is available to frequently travelled High Net Worth investors and intending visitors who may not be able to obtain visa at the Nigerian missions/embassies in their countries of residence due to the absence of a Nigeria mission in those countries or due to exigencies of urgent business travels.

Class of persons eligible to be issued with Visa on Arrival includes:
i. Members of government delegations
ii. Executives of Multi-National companies
iii. Frequently travelled business persons of International repute
iv. Holders of United Nation Laissez-Passé
v. Holders of African Union Laissez-Passé
vi. Holders of Ecowas Laissez-Passé
vii. Holders of any other official travel documents of other recognized international organizations who intend to visit Nigeria.

i. Visa approval letter (pre-approved visa letter), valid for 14 days from the date of issuance.
ii. Evidence of online payment
iii. Valid passport with not less than six (6) months validity
iv. Valid return ticket
v. Two (2) recent passport sized photographs.

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Nigerian visas are obtained at the Nigerian Missions or the nearest Nigerian mission where applicants are domiciled (or applicant’s countries of residence).
CATEGORIES OF VISAS AVAILABLE TO EXPATRIATE/ FOREIGNERS DESIROUS OF TRAVELING TO NIGERIA FOR VARIOUS REASONS & PURPOSES are as follows: (please endeavor to visit Nigeria with the appropriate visa to avoid embarrassment, harassment and extortion by unscrupulous elements/individual)
1. SUBJECT TO REGULARISATION (S.T.R) VISA: any foreigner/ expatriate that is to take up employment or employed by individuals or corporate bodies or even the government MUST endeavor to obtain this type of visa BEFORE coming to Nigeria. The applicant must also enquire from his employers whether they have valid QUOTA approval from Nigeria Ministry of Interior that covers the position/ designation he or she is coming to assume in Nigeria. The applicant should also enquire whether the employer’s business (es) is registered with Corporate Affairs Commission in accordance with companies and allied matters act of 1990.
i. Valid passport with minimum of 6 months validity
ii. Letter of employment
iii. Expatriate Quota approval
iv. Credentials of the IMM22
v. Duly completed form IMM22
vi. Resume or curriculum vitae
vii. For Chief Executive Officers (C.E.O) of corporate organizations, there is need for extract of the minutes of the board’s resolution.

N.B: This visa (STR) is only obtainable from Nigerian Missions in the countries where applicants are domiciled FOR AT LEAST SIX (6) MONTHS (preceding application).

2. BUSINESS VISA: foreigners who wish to visit Nigeria for the purpose of contract negotiation, training of Nigerians, specialized skill services e.g. after sales installation, repairs of machines & equipment, machines & equipment maintenance, meeting, seminar, trade fairs, job interviews, staff of NGOs, staff of INGOs, researchers, musical concerts, marketing, sales, emergency/relief work, crew members. Business visa is obtainable at Nigeria Missions, except for special cases where Visa on Arrival is allowed. With the exception of Ecowas Nationals and countries Nigeria has visa abolition with who do not require visa to enter Nigeria, Business visa is available to citizens of all countries. It has (NOT EXTENDABLE) validity of 90 days after which if you wish to extend your stay you will be advised to apply for E-PARS.
i. Passport that has at least six (6) months validity with at least 2 blank visa pages for endorsement
ii. Two (2) recent passport sized photographs (35/40mm)
iii. Return ticket
iv. Evidence of hotel reservation/ host address in Nigeria
v. Evidence of sufficient funds
Caution: This visa is NOT valid for employment

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3. TOURIST VISA: foreigners who wish to visit family and friends and those who wish to visit Nigeria for the purpose of tourism are eligible for tourist visa. It is available to citizens of all countries except Ecowas Nationals who do not require visa to visit Nigeria and other countries which Nigeria has entered into visa abolition agreements. Tourist visa has 90 days validity and the holder is not permitted to take up any form of employment.
REQUIREMENTS FOR THE ISSUANCE OF TOURIST VISA is the same with that of Business Visa, but with the inclusion of: invitation letter from host in Nigeria.

4. TRANSIT VISA: Foreign travelers wishing to enter Nigeria for onward destination outside the country are eligible to Transit visa. It is available to citizens of all countries except Ecowas Nationals and other countries that have visa abolition with Nigeria who do not require visa to visit Nigeria. This visa is not valid for employment and it has 7 days maximum period of stay.
REQUIREMENT FOR THE ISSUANCE OF TRANSIT VISA is the same with that of Business visa, but with the inclusion of: confirmed ticket to destination outside Nigeria.

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