Requirements for Nigeria International (Standard) Passport, fresh application

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International passport Requirements

For the purpose of obtaining Nigeria Standard (International) Passport, the new International Passport regime classified Nigerians into three groups based on age:
A. 0-17years of age: referred to as Minors
B. 18-59years of age: referred to as adults, and
C. 60 years and above: referred to as adult-minors

A. MINORS (0-17 years):
One of the parent or both parent MUST accompany the minor to the nearest Passport office with the following:
I. Birth certificate of the minor, obtained from National Population Commission only. In the case of foreign birth, the birth certificate must be translated to English language if written in foreign language. Note: baptism card or birth certificates from any other source other than National Population Commission is NOT acceptable.
II. Marriage certificate of the parent, obtained from the registry or affidavit of marriage from the court in a situation where the parent did only traditional marriage.
III. Affidavit of single motherhood where applicable
IV. Valid means of identification from both parent. For instance, International Passport, drivers license, national ID card , voter’s card (any one of the documents will suffice)
V. ‘Letter of Consent’, duly signed by both parent. The letter should be addressed to: The Passport Control Officer,
Nigeria Immigration Service,
***** State Command.
VI. Four (4) passport photographs of the minor and two (2) passport photographs EACH from both parent.

B. ADULTS, 18 years to 59 years of age:
I. Local government identification from the applicant’s state of origin
II. Birth certificate from National Population Commission for adults born on or after November 1992. Any adult born before then may present affidavit of age if he or she doesn’t have birth certificate from National Population Commission. Baptism card or any other birth certificate is not acceptable.
III. Three (3) Passport photographs from the adult.
In addition to the above, the adult MUST also get a Guarantor, who must be an adult Nigerian. The Guarantor is expected to provide the applicant with the following:
IV. Photocopy of his or her valid International Passport
V. Photocopy of his or her valid driver’s license; national ID card; or voter’s card ( any two of the aforementioned documents) , and
VI. Two (2) passport photographs ( signed at the back)

C. ADULT-MINOR (60 years and above):
The requirements is like that of adults as stated above. The only difference is that they pay the same fees with minors.

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